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How to Create the Perfect Ambience in Every Area of the House


Let Lutron Shades Make Your Spaces More Enjoyable and Attractive!

When it comes to designing the perfect ambiance for your home, one often overlooked element is window treatments. While home solutions such as lighting and entertainment systems are fantastic tools for creating a comfortable atmosphere at home, the innovative technology and style offered by Lutron motorized shades can effortlessly help you transform each room into a space that exudes your desired mood and aesthetics. 

In this blog post, we will explore how Lutron shades can help you create the perfect ambiance in every room, from the cozy bedroom to the vibrant living room. Take a look!

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The Bedroom 

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, an oasis of peace and relaxation. And all your smart home technology, including your motorized shades, should convey that. Lutron solutions offer an array of options to create the ideal ambiance for a good night's sleep. For example, you can incorporate blackout shades that effectively block out external light, providing privacy and helping you achieve a deeper sleep. Being motorized solutions, you can program them to gradually open in the morning, simulating a natural sunrise and gently waking you up, creating a calm and refreshing start to your day.

The Living Room 

The living room is the heart of the home, a place where family and friends gather to spend quality time together. Lutron shades can help you infuse the desired ambiance into this space. Opt for shades that filter natural light, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere during the day while protecting your furniture and artwork from harmful UV rays, ensuring they retain their beauty for years to come. In addition, motorized shades are excellent tools to control glare on TV screens, allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows without distractions. With a wide range of fabric choices, you can find the perfect Lutron shades that complement your interior design style and create a cohesive look. 

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Illuminate Your Home in Tune with The Holiday Season


The Ketra System and Lutron Controls Add a Festive Spirit to Every Room

As we enter the winter holiday season, the anticipation is high with entertaining plans and visits from family and friends. While the candles, trees, and shimmering ornaments add to the festive mood, Ketra lighting creates the atmosphere of celebration. 

Regardless of what you celebrate, tunable lighting makes your Kirkland, or greater Seattle area, luxury home happier and a lot more fun. In the same way, distributed AV and multi-room audio fill the house with the movies and music that inspire, and Ketra allows you to craft just the right ambiance. 

Are you ready to delight the senses and embrace the excitement and hope this time of year brings? Continue reading below to discover how. 

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Control Your Home Lighting with Lutron


A Lutron Lighting Control System Elevates Your Lifestyle While Adding Convenience

Tap. Lights turn on.

Tap. Lights turn off.

Swipe. Lights dim or brighten in seconds.

These and several other smart device responses are possible without ever getting up from your comfortable spot on the sofa. With a Lutron lighting control system, you can manage your Seattle home’s lighting, shading, and more with the press of a button or programmed smart scenes. To learn more about the power of Lutron lighting control– keep scrolling below!

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Change the Way Your Home Looks & Feels with Motorized Shades


3 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Lutron Automated Window Treatments

Last month we teased that we would dive deeper into the climate control solution of automated shades and blinds. With the tap of a finger, you have the power to control every window of your Bellevue, WA estate. In the evenings, shades will silently lower to provide privacy from peering eyes then reopen in the morning to let natural sunlight stream inside. You can do all that and more with this smart shading and blinds solution.

Keep reading to learn more on why you should consider Lutron’s motorized shades for your property.

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