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3 Ways to Boost The Fun in Your Outdoor Spaces This Spring Season

A family enjoys a cookout while watching extreme sports on an outdoor TV.

Enjoy the best outdoor AV and elevate every backyard gathering!

Finally, spring is on the way to western Washington! ! And after a long, cold winter, there is nothing we would rather do than spend time outside, breathing fresh air and feeling the warm sunshine on our skin. But what is the fun of doing this in an empty, unconventional backyard? Integrating outdoor AV into your alfresco spaces is one of the best ways to add luxury to every area of your home and ensure your family makes the most of the spring and summer seasons outdoors. . 

Keep reading this blog to learn how our innovative AV solutions will completely extend your living spaces!

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Automating Your Home with Control4

Closeup of a Control4 NEEO universal controller resting on a table. 

Trust a Control4 Dealer to Automate Your Smart Home and Optimize Your Lifestyle 

For homeowners in Redmond and throughout Western Washington, smart homes should be their pride and joy. That’s why we make it our mission at Bob’s Smart Home to design, integrate, and automate every technology system you own into a highly efficient home-wide system. And when it comes to automation, we know there is no name like Control4. 

As the leading Control4 dealer in the state, we bring you both the latest in home automation and the industry-leading installation and support that have made us a household name. 

Read on to learn more about Control4, and how working with an authorized dealer will lead to a more efficient home and an optimal lifestyle. 

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Looking for a Smarter Smart Home? Automate It!

A wall-mounted Control4 interface featuring climate control options. 

What Makes Bob’s Smart Home the Leading Home Automation Company In Puget Sound?

If you are looking for a home automation company in Sammamish, you have probably already come across one name. Bob's Smart Home, the premier technology installers and integrators in the area. With our team of experienced industry professionals and a long list of brand partnerships, we are the go-to team for all your home automation needs!

Read on to learn more about what got us here, and how we can help you automate, integrate, and optimize your smart home. 

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Experience the Thrills of Cinema in a More Relaxed Environment

A stylish yet relaxed home media room with a large screen and comfortable, relaxed furnishings.

Create the Perfect Space for Movie Night, TV, and Live Sports without Sacrificing Quality 

The excitement of a home theater's immersive qualities provides a breathtaking experience, but the environment is not always optimal. Whether you are watching your favorite TV show, cheering on the Seahawks with friends, or settling in for a night of family-friendly movies, a more informal setting often works best.  

A professionally designed home media room from the experts at Bob's Smart Home combines the best cinematic elements within a more accessible and convenient space. Our industry-leading integrators furnish your home with superior sound and awe-inspiring imagery.  

Are you intrigued about the possibilities for your luxury home in Seattle and the surrounding area? Then continue reading below to learn more.

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Enhance the Lighting in Your Home With Smart Blinds

View of three rolled down smart blinds over a modern kitchen’s window. 

Manage Your Circadian Rhythm with Smart Blinds and Tunable Lighting 

A good rule of thumb for smart blinds is that they should open and close in accordance with your routine. Roll up every morning and roll back down late at night. But there is a lot more to it.

At Bob’s Smart Home, we are the leading experts in lighting control systems and motorized window treatments in Sammamish and greater King County. 

We know the right lighting conditions will keep you focused while working from home. And on Sunday afternoons, your lights and blinds will set the atmosphere for the next Seahawks game. 

Read on to learn how automated smart blinds and tunable lights will improve your body’s circadian rhythm and enhance every space in your smart home. 

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3 Reasons Your Home Needs Tunable Lighting

a modern kitchen with flowers sitting on top of a counter

Make your home more comfortable and beautiful with smart lighting control.

Smart home features are becoming the standard in luxury homes, and among the many services we offer, smart lighting is usually one of the most popular. Not just because it provides vital illumination throughout the day, but because it can enhance your home’s aesthetics and even boost your mood. 

In recent years, tunable lighting, in particular, has gained rapid popularity among homeowners. High-end tunable LED fixtures adjust intensity and color temperature at your command to deliver the perfect lighting every time. 

Read on to learn the top three reasons why your home in Seattle orthe greater Puget Sound area will benefit from tunable lighting. 

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Upgrade Your Home Audio with High-End Speakers

A close up of Monitor Audio subwoofer, center channel and loudspeaker in a media room.

Plunge into the world of music with hi-fi sound systems

Do you consider yourself an audiophile? For true music lovers, retail speakers just won’t make the cut. But with high-end speakers, the sound quality produced is on a completely different level. Integrating these speakers into your sound systems will help fulfil your audiophile dreams. 

From unmatched sound quality to subtle installation, the benefits of hi-fi audio are endless. Read on to discover how a high-end audio system can benefit your home in Sammamish, WA, and greater King County.

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Enhance Outdoors Entertaining by Upgrading Your Home Network Setup

Rustic yet modern outdoor entertainment space with plush couch and television looks over manicured lawn and pool area.

Discover How Professionally-Installed System Delivers A Higher Quality Experience

Your smart home is a central fixture of your life; its living spaces influence every aspect of your day. Outdoor entertainment is an ever-increasing element of our lives, instilling joy, creating inspiration, and connecting you with family. 

Your home network setup is a critical component as the backbone that delivers streaming video, audio, and control. Creating a reliable and robust outdoor networking system requires knowledgeable design and professional integration. 

Are you curious about the possibilities for your home in Redmond, WA, and the greater King County? Continue reading below to find out more. 

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Add a Biophilic Design & Turn Your Home Into a Wellness Oasis

A modern living room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking an outdoor space with plants and a pool

Let Control4 add more luxury to your lifestyle by keeping you close to nature!

Now more than ever before, luxury properties should offer a lifestyle of balance between nature and technology. Of course, high-class tech solutions are essential in providing comfort and convenience to your everyday life, but keeping close contact with nature is one of the greatest ways to maintain your body and mind healthy.

For this reason, homes with biophilic designs are quickly becoming a trend in Issaquah, WA and the Greater Puget Sound. If you, too, are looking for a home where technology and nature work together to create a dreamy living experience, keep reading this blog and learn how a home automation system can help you achieve this!

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Motorized Shades: A Stylish Way to Keep Energy Costs Low

In a dining room, Lutron’s shades are halfway down, letting afternoon sun come through the window.

Lutron’s Motorized Shades Highlight the Sophistication of Your Home While Saving Energy!

Though sometimes overlooked due to their subtle nature, you should never underestimate the sophistication that the right window treatments bring to a home. Lutron motorized shades are a fantastic option if you want to add more elegance to your interior design, increase the comfort of your spaces, and do it all while keeping your energy costs low. 

Keep reading this blog to learn more about the benefits of these world-class automated shades and how they improve the beauty and energy efficiency of your home in Kirkland, WA, or the greater King County area.

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Protect Your Home from Risk of Fire with a Smart Security System

A middle-aged couple reclining on a couch looking at their phones with a stone fireplace in the background.

A Professionally Installed Home Security System with Sensors Can Save Lives, Providing Early Detection and Emergency Response

A smart home furnishes you with many luxuries, each allowing you to shape your environment to fit the way you live, work, and play. Your home responds to your unique needs and desires - from lighting that balances circadian rhythms to motorized shades, temperature control, and multi-room audio and video.

A home security system is a vital component of luxury living, no matter where you live. While burglar alarms and surveillance cameras help prevent theft and vandalism and manage access at your doors, the insidious threat of fire can take all of this away in an instant.

Are you ready for more comprehensive protection against fires in your Bellevue home or the greater Seattle, WA, area? Continue reading below to learn more.

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Motorized Window Treatments Combine Beauty and Benefits For Luxury Homes

Ultra-modern and minimalist open concept kitchen in dark woods with dining table and offset family seating.

Shades Add Security and Energy Savings Without Sacrificing Style.

Windows that are left bare make a room feel austere and unwelcoming; shades and blinds offer the finishing touches, completing the space. Motorized window treatments impart ambiance, style, and a sense of elegance. Combined with a smart home ecosystem, they are essential tools in managing your home.

More than just fashion, motorized shades minimize energy costs, protect your furniture and artwork from UV rays, and complement your security system. In addition, shades contribute to daylighting techniques for more human-centric lighting. 

Are you curious about how installing automated shading systems improve how you live in your home in Seattle or the surrounding areas? Continue reading below to find out more.

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Enhance Summer Entertaining With an Outdoor Speaker System


Bring Your Backyard Gatherings to Life with Added Ambiance and Excitement 

The season for outdoor entertaining will soon be upon us. Is your backyard ready? With the warmer weather and longer days comes celebrating family milestones, gathering together with friends to watch a game, or even enjoying a movie under the stars.

We are lucky to have beautiful lakeside views and opportunities to explore nature all year round; the clear skies and warm sun make it sensational. We know that the drinks are more refreshing in the open air, and the food always tastes better in the backyard while enjoying summer sun.

Spending more time outdoors does not mean you have to settle for a subpar sound system. Our premier brands of outdoor speaker systems provide superior audio, creating the best atmosphere for your parties.

This summer, are you looking to entertain better at your home in Sammamish or the greater Seattle, WA area? Read below to learn more!

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Meet The Demands Of Modern Homebuyers With A Control4 Dealer


Partnering With A Premier Integrator Furnishes The Smart Home Solutions Your Clients Expect

The demand for luxury housing continues to climb across the country, especially in the Issaquah, WA, region. Individuals and families are seeking places that combine space, safety, and comfort unavailable in more urban-centric areas. 

While the demographics seeking upscale homes remained consistent for decades, millennials now make up over half of the numbers seeking first-time and upgraded accommodations. Many of these younger buyers look for not only quality materials and superior services; they desire living spaces that enhance their lifestyle and automatically accommodate their needs.

As a Control4 dealer, we work with you to offer premier smart home technology that draws in more Washington clients and exceeds their expectations. Together we can furnish the ultimate in control, security, entertainment, and climate control.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of partnering with an integrator of the most desired solutions? Continue reading to learn more.

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How Hi-Fi Audio Can Transform Sound in Your Home


Bring your music to new life with Hi-Fi audio in every room of your home

Many of us are used to streaming songs, audiobooks, and podcasts through the speakers on our smartphones or tablets. This method is adequate, but is that really what you want to settle for? There is a whole world out there of Hi-Fi technology that can completely transform your listening experience, making the ordinary day at home or hosting get-togethers so much more enhanced. Experience high-quality sound with pitch-perfect acoustics that follow you from room to room, or even outside, so you don’t have to miss a moment – or remember to take your phone or tablet with you.

You spent time carefully selecting furniture and light fixtures for your Redmond, Washington (or greater Seattle area) home. Why not do the same for your sound system? Read on to learn more about how Hi-Fi audio from Bob’s Smart Home can completely transform your living space.

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Illuminate Your Home in Tune with The Holiday Season


The Ketra System and Lutron Controls Add a Festive Spirit to Every Room

As we enter the winter holiday season, the anticipation is high with entertaining plans and visits from family and friends. While the candles, trees, and shimmering ornaments add to the festive mood, Ketra lighting creates the atmosphere of celebration. 

Regardless of what you celebrate, tunable lighting makes your Kirkland, or greater Seattle area, luxury home happier and a lot more fun. In the same way, distributed AV and multi-room audio fill the house with the movies and music that inspire, and Ketra allows you to craft just the right ambiance. 

Are you ready to delight the senses and embrace the excitement and hope this time of year brings? Continue reading below to discover how. 

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How To Perfect Your Home Theater System Setup


The Best Theater Experience for Your Home

A private home theater can provide you with an in-demand cinema experience like no other. Imagine being able to gather in one room every holiday and savor your favorite Halloween and Christmas movies for the ultimate family time. With a home theater system, you can watch all your favorite holiday movies on the big screen with superb audio quality from the comfort of your home in Bellevue, WA. Before you can have your movie nights, you need to fine-tune your home theater system setup to enhance your experience, and we have some great tips to help you.

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What Hidden Technology Can Do for Your Home


Today’s Hidden Technology Allows Homeowners to Experience the Best-in-Class AV Solutions 

Is your Bellevue home flawlessly designed and expertly crafted? Have you incorporated enough eye-catching beauty while still allowing open-air spaces that permit filtered sunlight to highlight your exquisite furnishings, flooring, and artwork? So, what are you going to do with a 60” 8K HDR TV and the multiple speakers and equipment pieces required for a whole-home audio-video solution? 

If a household member is set upon creating the ultra-entertainment center, fear not. At Bob’s Smart Home, we pride ourselves on maintaining the aesthetics of your home while creating a luxurious lifestyle that defines ease of living. We achieve this through the use of hidden technology.

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Control Your Home Lighting with Lutron


A Lutron Lighting Control System Elevates Your Lifestyle While Adding Convenience

Tap. Lights turn on.

Tap. Lights turn off.

Swipe. Lights dim or brighten in seconds.

These and several other smart device responses are possible without ever getting up from your comfortable spot on the sofa. With a Lutron lighting control system, you can manage your Seattle home’s lighting, shading, and more with the press of a button or programmed smart scenes. To learn more about the power of Lutron lighting control– keep scrolling below!

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The Benefits of Smart Home Surveillance


How to Take Security to the Next Level with Home Integration

With the ever-expanding home technology, smart security in Sammamish, WA, has taken on a whole new meaning. Gone are the days of video cassettes and VCRs for recording and viewing surveillance footage. Today’s home surveillance is smarter, faster, and overall better than that. Let’s look at how home surveillance has changed the game for home security. 

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