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For the Outdoor Enthusiast: Smart Outdoor TVs & Sound Systems


How Premium Outdoor-Rated AV Can Ramp Up Your Entertainment

Outdoor–rated sound systems and TV displays are engineered with Mother Nature in mind to deliver optimal performances. Featuring weatherproof enclosures that protect internal components from rain, moisture, dust, and pests, these robust components are essential for enhancing social gatherings like barbecues, chats around the fire pit, and poolside hangouts not just during summertime but in all seasons!

Below, we explore these durable, aesthetically pleasing AV solutions, which are ideal for backyard spaces in Bellevue and the surrounding Seattle region. Keep reading to learn more!

Is Control4 the Ultimate Smart Home Solution for You? 

Control4 touchscreen located on a bedroom nightstand.

Seamless Integration and Centralized Control Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Homeowners wanting greater convenience are choosing smart home solutions to enhance the ease of their daily routines. Instead of managing separate remotes or apps for each new addition to a smart system, consider streamlining the management process with one comprehensive solution: Control4 smart home control.

Control4 is a smart home system that synchronizes and manages your home technology in one user-friendly interface. The system opens up a world of possibilities and the opportunity to tailor each device according to your needs and preferences.

Continue reading to learn more about the smart solution changing lives in Bellevue, WA, and the surrounding areas.


The Best Hidden Benefits of Automated Shades


Experience Beauty, Comfort, Security, and Convenience

Many homeowners consider investing in automated shades for the convenience they offer. No more opening every shade in the morning or getting up from the couch on Friday movie nights to lower them. One touch on a remote, and your motorized shades perform these tasks for you. 

There are, however, several other benefits that are not so apparent. There's the beauty and elegance of a row of shades rising in perfect unison. There's the protection they offer from UV rays and potential intruders. There's a myriad of benefits you experience when your window coverings are automated.

Let's explore what this technology offers and a few of the many benefits it brings to homeowners in Bellevue and the greater Seattle area.


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