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Why Is Lutron Lighting Such a Popular Choice for Homeowners?

A bright, white kitchen with black cabinets illuminated by Lutron lighting.

Lutron Delivers Both Convenience and Luxury

Sophisticated homeowners desire smart, efficient solutions to enhance their luxury living spaces, so it’s no wonder that Lutron lighting has become a sought-after solution. As a leader in lighting control, Lutron offers homeowners a way to achieve both convenience and luxury through their elegant, high-quality products that match any home’s aesthetic. Continue reading to explore why Lutron lighting has become so popular among homeowners in Bellevue, WA, and the greater Seattle area.

Discovering Home Security: Choosing the Right Alarm System for Your Home

 Image is of a security camera in focus and a blurred building in the background.

Learn more about the perfect alarm system and settings for your home

Choosing and updating an alarm system for your home is essential for enhanced peace of mind. In Bellevue and nearby regions, security alarm systems are a top priority for homeowners to increase the value of their property and ensure a safer home space. When considering the best setup for your home, evaluating several factors is essential to ensure maximum protection and peace of mind. 

Choosing the right alarm system for your property involves assessing your needs and preferences. From basic intrusion detection to advanced smart home integration, finding a solution tailored to your needs and goals is key. At Bob’s Smart Home, we specialize in integrating everyday home-enhancing technology into houses throughout Western Washington. 

What an Air Purifier Can Do For Your Smart Home

a dog lays on a bed with a woman sleeping in the background

Ring in a New Year with Advanced Home Improvements

As we welcome 2024, nearly everyone is on the hunt for ways to improve their lives. From toning up to adopting new hobbies, life improvement is top of mind!

At our parent company, Bob’s Heating, we’re also looking for ways to improve our customers’ lives in the new year, and we have the perfect addition! This year, it's all about bringing health and sophistication to your home in Bellevue or the surrounding areas with advanced air purification systems. Learn more about them below.

A Whole-Home Audio System Brings Your Home to Life


Experience High-Fidelity Music and Sound in Every Room

Whether listening to music in the background while performing one of life’s many tasks or closing your eyes in a designated listening room and feeling the pure, high-fidelity sounds wash over you, music is an inherent part of our lives. And its effects are profound. Studies by Johns Hopkins Medicine show that music has the power to improve moods, bring back forgotten memories, ease anxiety, and reduce pain and blood pressure—pretty powerful stuff.

Does music take front and center in your home, or is it an afterthought? One way to ensure it’s granted the status it deserves is with a whole-home audio system. These systems bring high-performance music and sound to every room in your home and even into your outdoor spaces. A common reaction we hear from our clients post-installation is that they’ve never listened to so much music, and they love it!

Let’s explore what makes up a distributed audio system and how it’s transforming homes in Sammamish and the greater King County area.


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