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Control Your Home Lighting with Lutron


A Lutron Lighting Control System Elevates Your Lifestyle While Adding Convenience

Tap. Lights turn on.

Tap. Lights turn off.

Swipe. Lights dim or brighten in seconds.

These and several other smart device responses are possible without ever getting up from your comfortable spot on the sofa. With a Lutron lighting control system, you can manage your Seattle home’s lighting, shading, and more with the press of a button or programmed smart scenes. To learn more about the power of Lutron lighting control– keep scrolling below!

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The Benefits of Smart Home Surveillance


How to Take Security to the Next Level with Home Integration

With the ever-expanding home technology, smart security in Sammamish, WA, has taken on a whole new meaning. Gone are the days of video cassettes and VCRs for recording and viewing surveillance footage. Today’s home surveillance is smarter, faster, and overall better than that. Let’s look at how home surveillance has changed the game for home security. 

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Can My Whole-Home Audio Setup Control My Home Theater, Too?


Learn How One Intuitive System Can Control All of Your AV Components

You undoubtedly spent a significant amount of time selecting the furnishings surrounding the inside of your Seattle-area home, but how much thought did you put into your music preferences? For get-togethers, do you simply send music to a small Bluetooth speaker from a streaming playlist on your smartphone? Or do you go a step further and use a smartphone to play a different playlist in different areas throughout the house?

If you’ve never really given much thought to the way you listen to audio in your Issaquah, WA, home, then now is the time to consider a whole-home audio system! With smartphone apps, remotes, and touchscreen panels, you can manage multiple audio sources – CD players, personal digital music collection, TV audio, turntables, and more – with the simple tap of a finger -- instead of juggling multiple remotes and hauling around that bulky Bluetooth speaker.

Keep reading below to learn how a well-designed system from the experts at Bob’s Smart Home can change the way you listen to your favorite audio!

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Commercial Automation Brings These Perks to Your Business


Increased Productivity and a Better Work Environment Await

You’ve worked hard to turn your Bellevue, WA business into a success. Did you know that introducing smart technology to your business can help you take that success to the next level? Commercial automation is blowing up among businesses all over the world—and for a good reason.

Commercial automation can help your team stay productive, happy, and comfortable, resulting in more work accomplished and a better work atmosphere. Keep reading to find out how commercial automation can affect your daily operations.

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