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Let Your Smart Home Make This the Best Holiday Season on Record!


Discover How a Premier Smart Home Automation Company Can Change Your Life

The season of giving thanks and spending time with loved ones is nearly upon us. Before we know it, we’ll be planning holiday get-togethers, getting out the classics, and going slightly crazy.

But what if your home could help you prepare for the upcoming occasions? What if it could lend a hand by providing the best home entertainment, letting friends in when they stop by, and keeping porch pirates at bay? What if it created the perfect lighting, streamed your favorite songs, and lowered the shades by pressing a button? What if?

A smart home can do this and so much more. 

As a smart home automation company serving Seattle, our expert staff creates customized smart homes that are as unique as the families that inhabit them. They do, however, have one thing in common. They enhance your everyday life in ways once unimaginable. 

Let’s explore what smart home living means in the hands of an expert-level electronics integrator.

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How You Can Boost Productivity with Lighting Control


Simple Solutions to Get the Most from Daily Life!

Are you someone who often thinks about task management, time optimization, and efficient workspaces when it comes to boosting productivity? While these things are wonderful to think about, one crucial element can significantly impact your productivity, and you've likely overlooked it. 

Yes, we’re talking about lighting control

Having the proper lighting can make a massive difference in your focus and motivation. Come with us to explore how Sammamish residents can utilize lighting control to illuminate their path to enhanced productivity. 

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Discover What You Might Be Missing Without High-End Speakers

Media room with comfortable seating, a projector, and high-end speakers on both sides.

Audiophile or not, you and your home can benefit from quality sound equipment. 

Many people are in pursuit of stellar sound quality experiences—from TV to music and beyond. Yet, many homeowners still wholly underestimate the impact of high-end speakers on their audio experience. Aside from just being an accessory, quality speakers can transform your home, bringing many benefits beyond the surface. 

If you've never considered investing in top-notch audio equipment for your home in Redmond, WA, or throughout the greater Puget Sound, stick around to learn more about what you might be missing out on! We'll jump right into it. 

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Three Signs Your Home Network Isn’t Up to Par


Know If It’s Time to Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Network to Enjoy Seamless Connectivity Around The Clock

Internet networks are vital to the smooth running of modern homes. Almost all devices in our homes today come equipped with the ability to connect to the Internet, from our phones and televisions to computers, gaming consoles, and even ovens and refrigerators. As a result, having a strong and stable connection around the clock has become absolutely essential—without it, daily life is drastically altered. 

It’s necessary that your home Wi-Fi is up to par. But is it? Here are a few signs that your home network setup in Issaquah or any other areas in greater King County requires an upgrade.

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