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Elevate Aesthetics and Reduce Energy Usage with Motorized Shades

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Motorized Shades Can Bring Simple Elegance and Low Utility Bills to Your Luxury Home

Motorized shades come with plenty of benefits, ranging from ease and convenience to offering homeowners the ultimate in luxury home automation. The perks of installing automatic shading in your Sammamish, WA, or greater King County area home extend far beyond not needing to close the blinds manually. 

If you're ready to learn more about the incredible combination of window coverings and home automation, you're in the right place! Keep reading to discover how such a simple upgrade can change your living space's look, feel, and energy usage.

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Find Unexpected Style

Many of our first-time clients who inquire about motorized window treatments envision them being bulky, loud, and visually unappealing. This misconception could not be further from the truth, as motorized shades add an abundance of unexpected style to every room in your home.

Clean and Sleek

Automatic window treatments don't have cords or chains, making them safer for small children while refusing to disrupt the clean lines of your spaces. The absence of manual hardware immediately reduces the appearance of clutter and gives your smart home a super sleek and modern look.

Customizable Options

Several options are available for motorized shades, including variations in color, style, and fabric. You'll be able to create the aesthetics you want, adding character, personal preference, and expression to every room. 

Smart Home Integration Options

Our team can easily integrate your motorized shades into your smart home system. You can control your shades via your touchpad, smartphone, tablet, or voice commands. This futuristic take on window treatments certainly amps up your style game while keeping your to-do list of tasks slightly shorter! If you put your shades on a schedule, you won't have to worry about them at all!

Decrease Energy Output

Installing smart blinds or shades will help you decrease the energy you use monthly, which is better for Mother Earth and will lower your power bill! Here's how they do it. 


Depending on the fabric or style of shades, automatic window treatments can help insulate your home by keeping heat out in the summer and retaining that heat during the colder months. You can run your HVAC system less often, which means less energy and more money in your pocket!

Lighting Control

Your new shades will control the amount of natural light in your home. Not only will this prevent overheating, but it will also reduce the need for artificial lighting during the daytime hours. 

Automated Scheduling

Most of our clients program their motorized shades to open and close based on the time of day or the temperature inside the home. Along with added insulation, automated scheduling for your shades will eliminate your need for heating or cooling when it's unnecessary. 

Discuss Your Smart Window Treatments Today

Motorized shades are incredibly convenient, undeniably stylish, and luxurious, all while saving power and lowering your power payments. We can't wait to show you what you've been missing. Contact Bob's Smart Home to begin your journey into the world of automatic window treatments! 

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