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Why Would I Want Tunable White Light In My Home?


Learn How Easy This Smart Home Feature Can Integrate Into Your Puget Sound Home

Many people set resolutions or intentions at the start of a new year in an effort to improve their lives in some way. Those goals often fall into one of three categories: physical, mental, or financial. What if we told you that there’s a smart home innovation that can help you in each aspect of your 2021 resolutions?

With smart lighting control, you can illuminate your home, save money on energy costs, and support your physical and mental wellbeing. Innovative brands like Ketra offer a wide range of options that will help your Kirkland, WA home shine brightly (or dimly) with the tap of a finger. Keep reading below to learn more!

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How It Works

LED lighting has made its way from commercial to residential markets over the last few decades thanks to its increasing cost-effectiveness and long-term functionality. Older LED lighting technology only shines one color, though, so it exudes an industrial feeling which can make homes feel cold and lifeless like a warehouse, no matter how dim or bright the light is set.

Modern LED lighting not only offers dimmability and affordability, but it is tunable as well. This means that the lighting's color temperature can shift, with warmer, white-toned lighting in the evening and cooler colors during the daytime. This shifting ability is important because it mimics natural sunlight and supports your natural circadian rhythm.


Because Ketra smart lighting can shift color temperature across a seemingly limitless spectrum of colors, the way your home looks can transition throughout the day to suit your mood or activities. If you need a pick-me-up during the late afternoon, then bright, blue-hued white light can energize you and help you concentrate. In the evenings, warmer orange or yellow-hued lights can help you wind down as you set out to achieve your new year's resolution of doing more yoga before bedtime (as seen in the image above)!

Easy to Control

Automatically scheduling your lighting control system to shift throughout the day is one option, but you can also tap your finger on a smartphone app or wall keypad to adjust the lighting as you need. With pre-programmed smart scenes, you can even change a room's mood in an instant and integrate your other smart home control solutions, too.

To support your 2021 goal of waking up early during the workweek, tap the 'Good Morning' scene. Suddenly, your motorized shades rise to allow bright natural sunlight into your bedroom, your audio system plays your favorite news station to help you prepare for the day, and lights turn on as you make your way to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Smart home control makes your life easier and supports you in everything you do around your Seattle-area home.

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