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The Benefits of Smart Home Surveillance


How to Take Security to the Next Level with Home Integration

With the ever-expanding home technology, smart security in Sammamish, WA, has taken on a whole new meaning. Gone are the days of video cassettes and VCRs for recording and viewing surveillance footage. Today’s home surveillance is smarter, faster, and overall better than that. Let’s look at how home surveillance has changed the game for home security. 


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What Is Smart Home Security?

Smart home security is made up of a host of internet-connected security devices. These gadgets typically include wireless cameras, motion detectors, sensors, lights, door locks, and doorbells. When all of these devices work together, you have a home that is safe and secure from intruders, severe weather-related events, and internal malfunctions. 

In addition, working parents will know when their kids come home from school, the pet sitter stops by, and the housekeeper enters and exits. In essence, you have 24/7 surveillance and notifications. 

Increasing security and surveillance has led to decreasing crime rates. In fact, it's well-known that burglars are drawn to homes without security systems. According to the FBI, burglaries have reduced by 48.5% since 2010. Unfortunately, despite the decrease, over 1 million burglaries occur every year in the U.S., with residential properties accounting for almost 63% of all burglaries and victims suffering an estimated $3 billion in property loss in 2019. 

Smart home security systems can keep you from being part of those statistics. Let’ see how they work.


Smart Home Integration

Because your smart home devices are connected, they work in unison to create a safer environment. For instance, someone walks up to your door, triggering a motion sensor, and you immediately receive a notification and view them remotely on your tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world. The lights go on, and two-way audio lets you speak to them through your smart doorbell. 

Should a brazen intruder break a window, the alarm goes off, lights go on, and the blinds go up. You and a monitoring professional receive notification and can send help immediately.


Preemptive Strike

Do you tend to rush out the door in the morning, leaving windows ajar or doors unlocked? A smart home security system will notify you of any unsecured doors or windows when leaving home. 

One of the best features of a smart home is pre-set scenes that let you touch a button to set multiple devices. For instance, the “Leaving Home” button closes the shades, lowers the thermostat, locks the doors, and sets the alarm. If someone was home when you left, you can wait an hour or two and perform this task remotely. 

When you go on vacation, do you leave the blinds down and a few lights on? Burglars know these tricks and look for just those signs—homes whose lights and blinds haven’t changed in a few days—a sure sign that no one is home. 

A smart home system outsmarts thieves by opening the blinds and turning the lights on and off at random intervals, just as if someone was home. Do you have whole-home audio and video? We’ll set the TV or music to turn off and on as well. 


Beyond Intrusion

Smart technology also detects changes in the atmosphere. For example, is there more moisture in your home or maybe increased levels of carbon dioxide? You'll receive a notification. Common sensors incorporated into a smart home include fire, carbon dioxide, moisture and water, and temperature fluctuations.


At Bob’s Smart Home, we pride ourselves on best-in-class service that exceeds our customer’s expectations every time. Clear communication helps us determine your exact needs and customize your space and security measures appropriately. Additionally, we offer 24/7 remote system management and tech support. For a complimentary consultation, call Bob’s Smart Home today. 

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